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High Road Ethics Advising, LLC

Work is essential to human flourishing. It provides humanity with a sense of identity, value, and purpose. Yet, employee engagement remains exceptionally low in most workplaces. Gallup’s State of the American Workplace notes, “Only one-third of U.S. employees are engaged in their work and workplace. And only about one in five say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work."


Nevertheless, engaged employees are highly involved and enthusiastic about their work. Engaged employees are psychologically and emotionally invested in performance and innovation. Moreover, engaged employees live healthier lives, have more stable homes, and contribute to the overall flourishing of their community.


We aim to promote virtue in the workplace by increasing employee engagement, ethical practices, and concern for employees and customers.   

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Daniel J. Trippie, Ph.D.

Dr. Trippie is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in business, including for-profit, non-profit, arts and entertainment, and academia.


Dan's experience in conflict resolution and care for human dignity is invaluable for business owners seeking to create a strong wellness culture. Dan's engaging style and experience will provide comprehensive solutions that align with their values and objectives.


Moreover, Dan is equipped to help businesses navigate complex ethical dilemmas, in turn protecting both reputation and profits.

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President & CEO

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